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Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Own Your Future

Adele Flett knows better than most just how transformational owning a Rodney Wayne can be for anyone who wants to control their own career.

She went from office work to solo mum before eventually managing a thriving downtown hair salon. The owner of that salon just happened to be her brother – Rodney Wayne himself. Having seen the management potential of his sister, he awarded her the very first franchise. In May 1990, Adele opened her own salon in Newmarket and has never looked back.

It’s a lovely family success story, but perhaps the most inspiring thing about it is that, before joining Rodney, Adele had zero experience or training in hairdressing. What she did have was management ability and a determination to succeed – and today, those are still the most important criteria for success as a Rodney Wayne franchisee.

‘As Rodney Wayne franchise you don’t necessarily need to have any hairdressing experience,’ says Adele. ‘You can run the business with qualified staff, or be your salon’s front-of-house manager. Equally, if you are an experienced hairdresser, you can take on the duties of floor manager. Either way, it’s a challenging, yet fulfilling and exciting ride.

This extract from the latest issue of Franchise New Zealand magazine is reproduced with permission. See the full article online here or read it in a free digital copy of the magazine.