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Systems & Projects

From start-up recruitment to performance management, site acquisition, leasing, building development and more.

Business Systems / Intelligence , Web Development and Project Management

Partnering with Unicloud Limited we are able to provide world class extranet systems with built in eLearning , HRMS, social engagement , business workflow, project management and much more. Using Unicloud’s systems we can automate your business processes, getting you away from managing your business on spreadsheets. saving your business significantly on labour and human error allowing your workflows to function how and where they need to.

Industry Leading Professionals

Iridium Partners are flexible and adaptable. From start-up recruitment to performance management, from site acquisition and leasing to building and development. With proven success in all these areas, we do it all and we do it well. We’re always keen to do more to help budding businesses become powerful success stories. We have a range of skills and experience and work with a number of reputable industry leading professionals across a range of disciplines. If we are unable to help directly, we will be able to connect you with the right people.