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Franchise Recruitment

We help potential franchisees and franchisors find each other

Helping potential franchisees into a franchise business that’s a great fit for them.

Whether you are looking at buying or selling a franchise we can help potential franchisees and franchisors find and connect with each other.

We help potential franchisees research, evaluate, and navigate the franchise industry. We’ll be by your side with advice and guidance as we pair you with a franchised business, examine the systems and processes, and help you take your first steps towards success.

Because Iridium Partners aren’t traditional business brokers, our franchise and recruitment experience means we’re uniquely positioned to help. We match you with franchise systems looking for the right people that fit well with their brand.

We work with a number of high-profile and well-known brands to offer franchise opportunities, and can also assist with purchases outside of our network.

Helping franchisors find people that are a great fit for their brand utilising our unique franchise recruitment focus and proven franchise growth expertise.

You may be a franchise brand that could do with some help in recruiting and engaging the right franchisees. Where do you start? We can work with you to develop a franchisee recruitment strategy, implement and support your franchisee recruitment processes, and or hone your ideal franchisee candidate profile.

We’re able to supplement your current resources or provide a fully outsourced solution to recruitment.

We combine our experience with top New Zealand franchise brands, including years of recruiting hundreds of franchisees, with industry-leading profiling and recruitment tools.

Matching brand values and franchisees takes time. We get to know you and your brand so we present candidates that understand your brand, are ready to engage and be coached into successful franchisees. We can also undertake franchise re-sales, where our recruitment focus will find the right franchisee for your franchise and lead to greater brand engagement.